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Global Player In Cutting Machines Invests In Growth
The sister companies FAM and Stumabo are expanding their production capacity. In their own country they are barely known, but chances are high that the vegetables on your plate are cut by their machines.
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Eden and FAM have acquired a taste for it
Offering fruits and vegetables rich in flavour and with a short preparation time: that is what Eden stands for. Mother Earth's delicacies that are smoothly processed into tasteful fruit and vegetable mixes.
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A Brand New Centrifugal Slicer / Shredder

FAM has developed the innovative FAM Centris®  315, a new centrifugal slicer & shredder with a high-quality execution

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FAM Machines

FAM has been developing and manufacturing food cutting machines for more than 50 years, a process for which we always use the latest technologies. Therefore, FAM cutting solutions are the reference for reliability.

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Cut Quality

When designing FAM machines and their cutting tools, we explicitely take into account all factors that determine the cut quality to ensure you the highest capacity with a minimum amount of residues.

Our machines are fully tested in a production environment. This is an essential link to reach the highest possible cut quality before the machine comes on the market.

Reliable Machines

FAM cutting machines are developed and fabricated to continuously deliver a superior quality for an uninterrupted production during their entire life. The core of each machine - the knives - are produced by Stumabo International, FAM's sister company and also a global player.

Each step in the production process and assembly is subject to strict quality controls with high-tech measuring instruments.

Safety Guaranteed

FAM machines comply with all European CE-directives: the safety of the complete construction as well as of the electrical components is guaranteed. Our machines assure the maximum operating safety and the highest usability comfort for the operators. With this, FAM also sets the standard for machine safety.

Leader in Machine Hygiene

Hygiene and cleanability are extremely important in food safety. Hygiene, fast and accurate cleaning of machine parts that come in contact with food, has always been our first priority in product development.

All FAM cutting machines can easily be integrated in a food processing environment designed in accordance with the HACCP-concept.

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