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FAM introduces latest innovation in centrifugal cheese shredding technology
FAM, the European market leader specializing in cutting solutions for the food industry, is unveiling a new standard in cheese cutting technology with the introduction of the FAM Centris 400C Hytec. 
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FAM presents its latest NECST™ product: the FAM Centris™ 400
FAM proudly presents its latest cutting machine: the FAM Centris™ 400, a high-quality centrifugal cutting machine specially developed for the fruit, vegetable and potato industry.
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FAM and Stumabo launch NECST: Next Evolution In Centrifugal Slicing Technology
FAM & Stumabo developed NECST to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato processing market.
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About Us
European Market Leader - Present in the Entire World

FAM is the European market leader for industrial food cutting solutions. World-wide, customers in 72 countries use more than 4.500 operational food cutting machines. FAM is known for its customer-oriented philosophy, its many innovative applications and its product quality.

Milestones in FAM's History

  • 1945 Foundation of machine constructor F&V (Franck & Van Remoortere S.A.).
  • 1955 F&V focusses on machines for the canning industry and starts its international expansion in Europe.
  • 1960 F&V - counting 40 employees - relocates to new buildings where the production of cutting machines for the canning and frozen food industry is initiated.
  • 1967 Ir. Louis Baeten, future founder of FAM, starts at F&V and develops the first mobile European vegetable harvester.
  • 1980 F&V becomes FAM and specializes in the design and production of food cutting machines. Its first implementation is the FAM Super Dicer, the first dicer allowing the feeding of products with a diameter of up to 225mm.
  • 1982 FAM' starts expanding internationally with the foundation of its successful agent network.
  • 1990 Development of the completely new 'Cubic Technology' for dicers.
  • 1993 Launching of the FAM MCS or Super Multi Cutter, precursor of the innovative FAM ILC - serie.
  • 1997 Directed by Mark Van Hemelrijk, FAM joins the Hifferman-group, which also includes knife manufacturer Stumabo International - founded in 1947.
  • 1998 Launching of the FAM ILC-3D dicer, which in only a few years turns into a big success.
  • 2001 Relocation to a new building in order to meet the fast-growing demand for FAM food cutting machines.
  • 2003 Launching of the FAM Mantis, the first food cutting machine operated via touch screen and whose design is strongly focused on hygiene.
  • 2005 Launching of the FAM Dorphy: an extremely compact, very flexible dicer, which also focusses on smaller food processing companies. Foundation of FAM-StumaboUK, FAM France and FAM-Stumabo Iberica.
  • 2006 Foundation of FAM-Stumabo Asia.
  • 2007 Foundation of a FAM test centre in India.
  • 2008 Launching of the FAM ILC.2 dicer, successor to the FAM ILC-3D. Launching of the FAM Hymaks cutting machine, the new standard in hygiene and cleanability. Foundation of a FAM test centre in China.
  • 2010 Launching of the FAM Lifis, a V-belt transverse slicer that combines unknown flexibility with exceptional machine cleanability.
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