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FAM introduces latest innovation in centrifugal cheese shredding technology
FAM, the European market leader specializing in cutting solutions for the food industry, is unveiling a new standard in cheese cutting technology with the introduction of the FAM Centris 400C Hytec. 
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FAM presents its latest NECST™ product: the FAM Centris™ 400
FAM proudly presents its latest cutting machine: the FAM Centris™ 400, a high-quality centrifugal cutting machine specially developed for the fruit, vegetable and potato industry.
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FAM and Stumabo launch NECST: Next Evolution In Centrifugal Slicing Technology
FAM & Stumabo developed NECST to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato processing market.
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FAM Centris 315P

FAM has developed a new Potato Chips Slicer, the FAM Centris™ 315P, with a revolutionary and patent pending cutting head technology.  It produces an unprecedented cut quality and has yielded better results in terms of starch loss, amount of scrap and has almost eliminated tapered cut completely.



  • FAM Centris 315P is the new reference for perfect cut quality in the different cuts.
  • The lightweight (8 kg) stainless steel cutting head (patent pending) radically improves centrifugal slicing and shredding.
  • Set it & Forget it: the new Gap Set Technology ensures a smooth, regular slice that never needs adjustment after it is set.
  • The new cutting head technology opens up possibilities of customizing shapes to your exact needs.
  • Direct Drive System replaces high-maintenance gear box. Easily removable for inspection, lifetime greased and sealed roller bearings.
  • Speed and flexibility comes at attractive prices for the machine, cutting heads and knives 

The patent pending cutting head technology (*) guarantees a consistent slice thickness throughout the slicing process. Its unique design considerably simplifies the changing of blades, handling and cleaning.

The product is fed through the infeed chute and enters into the cutting stations of the rotating impeller. There, it is held against the inner surface of the cutting head assembly by centrifugal force. The cutting head assembly consists of twelve individual stationary cutting stations. Slices are produced as product passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Length is controlled by the input product size. The cut product is collected through the central discharge.

(*) patent pending impeller and patent pending cutting head assembly


Dimensions (l x w x h):

1151 x 521 x 9670 mm


100 kg


1.5 kW (2 hp)


Cut shapes:

Flat cut, V-cut, crinkle cut and Gothic Arch slices.
julienne sticks.

Cut sizes:

  • Flat cut slices: various cut sizes available from 0.8 mm up to 5 mm
  • V-cut strips: 318V (1.8 mm), 432V (2.5 mm) and 538V (3.2 mm)
  • Gothic Arch slices: various cut sizes available from 0.8 mm up to 5 mm
  • Julienne strips: 2,4 x 2.4 mm


1500 kg input capacity per hour, depending on product, cut size and condition

Max. product diameter:

130 mm in length and 95 mm in diameter

Potato chips
FreshSlice crinkle cut
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