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FAM introduces latest innovation in centrifugal cheese shredding technology
FAM, the European market leader specializing in cutting solutions for the food industry, is unveiling a new standard in cheese cutting technology with the introduction of the FAM Centris 400C Hytec. 
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FAM presents its latest NECST™ product: the FAM Centris™ 400
FAM proudly presents its latest cutting machine: the FAM Centris™ 400, a high-quality centrifugal cutting machine specially developed for the fruit, vegetable and potato industry.
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FAM and Stumabo launch NECST: Next Evolution In Centrifugal Slicing Technology
FAM & Stumabo developed NECST to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato processing market.
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FAM and Stumabo launch NECST: Next Evolution In Centrifugal Slicing Technology


FAM & Stumabo developed NECSTTM, an ambitious R&D project to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato processing market. When fully completed, NECST will consist of a range of centrifugal slicers, cutting heads, parts and knives for the potato chips industry. With all the patented and patent pending innovations of the NECST technology, we can lead processors to a lower scrap rate, less starch loss and near elimination of tapered slices. In short, a perfect slicing quality.

The potato chips industry is a growing and actively innovative market, where processors are constantly looking for the next best thing. FAM & Stumabo present their innovations: GapSetTM Technology, MultiStage Impeller, Lightweight Design and ScaliburTM Technology.

GapSetTM Technology

GapSetTM Technology is a new assembly technology for cutting heads, originally developed by FAM and Stumabo. This technology facilitates setting and changing the slice thickness, is more accurate and ensures knife stability without any adjustments while processing. Once the cutting heads are assembled, the GapSet Technology ensures constant slice accuracy while processing. Moreover, operators save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on adjusting the slice thickness.

Set it and forget it, your cutting heads are (and remain) accurate.

(Patented Technology)

MultiStage Impeller

FAM and Stumabo introduce an impeller that cuts the potato in two stages: the MultiStage Impeller.

The impeller is divided into two barriers on each paddle: the first barrier is grooved and grasps the potato as it enters; the second barrier is a smaller pocket the potato moves into as its size reduces during slicing. In the second pocket, the potato is fully protected from other incoming potatoes, ensuring the product remains stable at all times during the slicing process without shifting.

The multistage impeller also maximizes the capacity, as two potatoes can be cut simultaneously in both pockets without disturbing each other.

(Patented Technology)

Lightweight design

The lightweight design of the cutting heads constitutes a considerable improvement in operator-friendliness and maintenance time. With the first generation cutting heads in the market weighing 22 kg, FAM and Stumabo set a new standard with a cutting head of a mere 12 kg. Furthermore, smart design has reduced the number of parts by 20% in comparison to the old, conventional heads.

ScaliburTM Technology

As a special R&D highlight, FAM and Stumabo want to introduce their ScaliburTM Technology to the potato chips processing industry. A high-end solution for processors that want to invest in the future and ultimate slicing quality.

ScaliburTM Technology introduces a new era of potato slicing where the impeller as well as the cutting head rotate, independently of each other. This breakthrough signifies the potato can be sliced at a lower speed, which has significant benefits in regards to scrap rate, starch loss and tapered slices.

A key feature of the ScaliburTM Technology that FAM & Stumabo want to highlight is Dynamic Reverse Slicing: The slicing is made while the impeller and the cutting head move at differential speed, creating a dual rotation, with the cutting head spinning faster than the impeller in the anticlockwise direction.

(Patent Pending Technology)

Visit our website for more information: www.necst.solutionsor contact us on necst@fam.be

FAM nv - Market Leader in Industrial Food Cutting Machines

FAM is one of the world's leading manufacturers of food cutting machines. As a global player, we are present in more than 72 countries. In the field of food cutting machines manufacturing, we offer our customers perfectly aligned solutions from the smaller stand-alone machine to the higher capacity machines integrated in complete production lines.

FAM nv | Neerveld 2 - 2550 Kontich Belgium | T: +32 (0)3 450 92 20 | www.fam.be

Stumabo nv - Market Leader in Precision Blades for the food industry

Stumabo is a leading supplier of industrial precision blades for the food processing industry, active worldwide. We have been active in the industry for more than 65 years and have an annual turnover of more than 1.4 million blades.

STUMABO INTERNATIONAL nv | Industrieweg 3 - 2630 Aartselaar Belgium | T: +32(0)3 870 70 14 | www.stumabo.com

Please contact Evy Jacobs, Marketing & Communication Officer (marketing@fam.be)

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