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FAM introduces latest innovation in centrifugal cheese shredding technology
FAM, the European market leader specializing in cutting solutions for the food industry, is unveiling a new standard in cheese cutting technology with the introduction of the FAM Centris 400C Hytec. 
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FAM presents its latest NECST™ product: the FAM Centris™ 400
FAM proudly presents its latest cutting machine: the FAM Centris™ 400, a high-quality centrifugal cutting machine specially developed for the fruit, vegetable and potato industry.
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FAM and Stumabo launch NECST: Next Evolution In Centrifugal Slicing Technology
FAM & Stumabo developed NECST to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato processing market.
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Customer-Oriented Solutions

New products and applications, new demands and consumer needs: FAM keeps a close track of all evolutions in the food industry.

We help you put your ideas into practice by developing new models and optimizing existing machines, while always keeping in mind our priorities:

  • reliability,
  • cut quality and
  • safety

for your customers and employees.

A Perfect Cut Quality

When developing FAM machines and their cutting tools, we explicitly take into account all factors that determine the cut quality, ensuring you the highest capacity with the least amount of residue.

The machine is fully tested in a production environment, an essential link for to reach the best cut quality before it is launched.

Cutting size precision is a matter of accuracy, for our customers who demand a perfectly measured end product. Furthermore, a smoothly and consistently cut product is required for an optimum presentation or further processing.

The machines' high production yield proves there is a minimum of product residue during the cutting process. Simultaneously, a perfect cut quality is also essential to improve the storage life of cut food products.

High-Quality Machines and Cutting Tools

FAM cutting machines are developed to perform at a constant and high cut quality level throughout their life cycle. They are equipped with high-quality knives fabricated by our sister company Stumabo International, a world leader in the area of development and production of high-quality knives for the precision cutting of food products.

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